About Us

Riggs Heinrich Media, Inc. (RHM), the parent company of iMirus, is a multimedia, multi-channel business offering digital solutions and services to various industries.

In December of 2004, RHM launched its magazine publishing division with the premier issue of Golf Connoisseur, an international golf lifestyle magazine. Members of the RHM team had more than two decades of publishing and catalog experience serving in executive roles from companies such as Time, Inc., Hearst Corporation, Rodale, American Express Publishing, Conde Nast, Ziff Davis Media, Gruner + Jahr AG, Frontgate Catalog, and Cornerstone Brands. Building upon this experience and early success, RHM launched its digital publishing division (iMirus) in early 2006. Later that year, Golf Connoisseur had grown to 280,000 in circulation and the magazine publishing division was sold to a multi-title publisher.

With the sale of the publishing division, the company devoted its full technical capabilities and experience to provide digital solutions and services for an emerging and growing market – digital publishing.  Between 2008 and 2012, iMirus became an industry leader in the digital magazine and catalog industry serving over 150 publishers and 1,000 titles. The iMirus philosophy enables publishers to digitize, customize, and monetize their content and grow their brand in the "digital world." Online advertising is now over $40 billion* annually, and over $300 billion** worth of products are purchased online as a direct result of online shopping. iMirus works with each publisher independently to help shape their digital strategy, deploy proper tools and marketing programs, and produce new revenue sources.

By mid year, 2012, the iMirus platform has produced over 1/2 billion page views, 3/4 of a million app downloads, and has generated millions of dollars in digital advertising and subscription sales for its clients.  In 2012, iMirus moved all of its services and capabilities to a cloud-based model. This strategic move allowed the company to provide both full-service and self-service capabilities - and now to multiple industries. As 2013 approaches, iMirus will focus on extending its full enterprise system to corporations helping them extend their digital marketing and business efforts.

* Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
** Source: Direct Marketing Association (DMA)