One of iMirus' unique services is its private-branded store. The private-branded store is a "mini-website" that hosts your current and back issues. It can incorporate iMirus' e-commerce and subscription management platforms, and act as your hub for all digital fulfillment. Users can view select pages of issues and articles, creating a "try-before-you-buy" experience. They can then subscribe to your title(s), or purchase single issues or individual articles. iMirus takes care of all financial transactions in a secure manner, and manages all digital fulfillment, which can qualify with the various circulation audit bureaus, such as ABC and BPA. With the iPhone and iPad, users can download your private-branded app(s) from the Apple App Store, browse titles and issues, and then make purchases directly from your private-branded store.  With all other mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad, users can also access your private-branded store URL, which can be a standalone site, or can be incorporated directly into your website.  You work hard to get users to your Web site(s). Keep them there, and allow them to make direct purchases vs. driving them to a third party fulfillment house or online store. 

e-Stores are available only on the Enhanced license model. Here are the features available:

Private-branded e-Store (Microsite) Base License Enhanced License
- Microsite Creation  
- Free Content Subscription Service  
- Paid Content Subscription Service  
- Paid Content Single-Issue Service  
- e-Commerce Integration  
- Back Issues Content Integration  
- Integration with Third Party Systems  
- End-User Account Creation  
- Digital Fulfillment & User Management  


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