FAQ & Video Tutorials

Q: Where and what iMirus apps are available?

A: Apps are available both for iOS and Android. Android apps are available in the Android Market and Google Play and iPad apps are available in iTunes. Click here to learn more about apps.


Q:  Can we embed a GURL in the iPad app to capture survey questions? Additionally, what survey platforms does the app support, for example, Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, etc.?

A:  We can use our iFrame capability to include any web-based content. That said, any survey platform that you can access via a web browser can be included in the app. 

Q: Within an advertisement do we have full iFrame capabilities? For example, if I am a bookstore and have an ad, can I put in a slideshow with all of my hot products? Are there any iFrame capabilities that are limited within an "ad space"? What reporting is provided for each ad?
A: iFrames can be set up to fill an entire page or two-page spread, or can be much smaller (to include photo slideshows, or text, etc.). The content displayed in the iFrame can include any content that can be displayed on a webpage. 
Q: Can digital editions be included in ABC and BPA circulation figures?
A: Yes, since December 2006, digital editions have been included in ABC circulation figures. Also, the BPA Worldwide Consumer Magazine Rules have been amended, allowing digital editions to be included in BPA circulation figures.  
iMirus can properly offer a user a digital-edition companion subscription or single issue, and help you collect that individual's demographic information. As a one-time opt in offer, after a user purchases a subscription and has downloaded their first issue, we ask them if they would like to receive a companion subscription on their computer at no additional cost. If they accept the offer, then they are prompted to enter the appropriate information to qualify for "proof of request." This information is synced with iMirus' digital fulfillment system, and an instant email notification is sent to the user thanking them for their iTunes purchase, and provides them instant access to a digital-edition copy. The email creates an SMTP log, and therefore qualifies the "proof of distribution."
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