iMirus Analytics

iMirus Analytics is the most robust and comprehensive digital-edition reporting system in the industry.

The iMirus Analytics system was built by iMirus, and was designed exclusively for digital editions. It is NOT a third party web-stats package retro-fitted to try to provide digital-edition reporting. iMirus Analytics provides over 20 standard reports, most with data drill-down functionality and data export capabilities. iMirus also provides custom report development to meet your specific needs.

iMirus Analytics is a secure Adobe Air application, so it works in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments, and is supported seamlessly with all web browsers. iMirus Analytics also provides for multiple levels of security granting certain administrators full access to all data, and others limited access to either select reports or individual titles.

In addition to traditional usage metrics such as number of page views, average time spent, open rates and deliveries, etc., iMirus Analytics provides comprehensive advertiser and editorial reporting, subscriber and renewal management, lead generations, and various other reports.

Some of the reporting capabilities include:

Dashboard Report

  • Publisher Dashboard

  • Report Definitions

Editorial Reports
  •   Editorial Summary

  •   Editorial Detail

  •   Search Reporting

Circulation Reports
  •   Circulation Summary

  •   e-Mail Campaign Details

Usage Reports
  •   Usage Summary

  •   User Geomapping

  •   Publisher Website Analytics

Subscriber Management
  •   Subscriber Groups

  •   Subscriber Details

  •   Subscriber Profiles

  •   Subscriber Renewals

  •   Lead Generation

Financial Reports
  •   Transaction Summary

  •   Transaction Detail

  •   Payment History

  •   Order History

Advertising Reports
  •   Advertising Summary

  •   Advertising Detail

  •   Advertising Profiles

  •   STMP Logs

  •   Report Scheduler

With the Base and Enhanced license models, for reporting and analytics, you will receive: 

Reporting & Analytics Base License Enhanced License
- 24 x 7 Secure Admin Access to Analytics
- Google Analytics
- Google Analytics + iMirus Analytics + Data Enhancement through PB Systems  
- Google Analytics + iMirus Business Intelligence + Data Enhancement through PB Systems    


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