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View your content online or download it to a PC. With an iMirus Online Edition, you can add Flash animation, audio, video and text-to-speech to enhance editorial and bring ads to life. WIth the Share button, readers can turn your publication or articles viral by sharing via email, RSS, Twitter, etc.

With the Base or Enhanced license other great features of the online edition include:

 Private-Branded Online Editions (Browser-based) Base License Enhanced License
 - Works with Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
 - Search Engine Optimization for all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
 - Page Processing and Content Hosting
 - Auto Hyperlinking (Preserve linking in PDF and/or Auto find: .com, .net, Mail-to)
 - Navigate (One-click access to pubisher's website and other popular sites)
 - Help - How to Navigate Issues
 - Print
 - PDF Downloads for Offline Browsing
 - Share: (e-Mail and Social Media Integration)
 - Page Navigation
 - Page Zoom
 - Full Screen View of Content
 - Search -  Full Library Text Search
 Browse Capabilities    
 - Browse - Page Thumbnails
 - Browse - Hyperlinks
 - Browse - Library of Issues
 - Browse - Table of Contents  
 - Browse - Media (Audio, Video, Photos, Web)  
 Additional Features & Functionality    
 - Manual Hyperlinking (Internal Jump Links, External Sites, Mail-to)  
 - Manual Article Creation  
 - Manual Hyperlinking and Tagging for Reporting  
 - Rich-media Content (Audio, Video, Integration of Web Content)  
 - Custom Content Creation - See Professional Services  
 - Page Pagination - (Extending/Subtracting/Reordering Pages)  
 - Flexible Editions - (Create Multiple Versions of an Issue - Change Ads and Content)  
 - Issue Previews for Secure Circulation Models Only (Free & Qualified or Paid)  
 - User Log In - Authentication for Secure Circulation Models  
 - Shopping Cart Integration for Paid Content  


Flexible Online Editions allow you to modify your printed magazine by adding or subtracting pages to the online edition. Click here to learn more.

Click here to contact an iMirus representative about online editions.